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Vinaera Pro

World First Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator

No time for decanting for hours but still want to taste the best flavor and aroma of wine. Wake-up your red wine via Vinaera Pro

The Vinaera Pro provides 6 times more air contact surface oxidation than a gravity injected funnel type wine aerator for the perfect aerator effect. Just a simple touch, Vinaera Pro will quickly but gently wake-up your wine with instant and complete aeration directly from bottle to glass. 

Clean and elegant to enjoy your wine immediately. With adjustable air control, you can explore from 0 to 120 degree equals to 0 to 180 mins traditional decanting time. Try to find your favorite decanting air mixing anger, keeping the flavor for the rest of bottle.

With extendable stainless tube, you can apply Vinaera Pro on wine bottle up to 1.5L. RoHS, CE Certified food safe. One Year Warranty.