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Russ series are Nordic style of furniture design. The new plastic aesthetics present a higher level of the traditional rattan furniture, and create a new lifestyle with high quality.



Rue rattan chair is named after the prestigious European nobleman, elegant and charming. Integrating the traditional and modern design with no conflicts, the rattan tactile quality is an eye-catching point.


The Magnolia series are named as its floral meaning: love for nature, nobility, and literary character. The Magnolia series are noble and elegant, full of literary atmosphere, which can be used for indoor and outdoor, also in casual or formal occasion.



Having two heights (low & high), the table is named “Sprout” as the growing of a plant. The rounded top of the Sprout table can be used separately as a tray, which can be easily carried and is a very good partner of indoor/outdoor furniture.



The Gardenia series emphasize on the durability of material, just like its floral meaning: “eternity” and “lifetime waiting”. The curves of the Gardenia shape were designed according to the lateral-line of a Gardenia flower, matching up with the round-rattan and the style of romanticism.






A Floating boat needs a peaceful harbor just as a wandering people need a sweet home.  The spacious seat space makes you as comfortable as if you're in your mother's arms at home. The stylish design looks like a nest surrounding by tree branches either from the front or back.